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Hey, hey, it’s The Tripods!

January 8, 2015

Here’s a title card for a made up cartoon, based on BBC Television’s live action adaptation of John Christopher’s Tripods Trilogy.

Elderly blog readers may remember this amazing series, and how it got cancelled before the story ended. Hopefully I’ll not cancel my pictures before I’ve covered all three books. I’ll tackle the fourth book, which was written twenty years after the trilogy, but I’ll be doing that in twenty years’ time to keep things authentic.

Three red faced teens.

Three red faced teens.

Work began with some thumbnail sketches, ending up with this one-

Teeny weeny sketch.

Teeny weeny sketch.

This was transferred to a big piece of paper, all ready to tighten up.

It's be all tight on the night.

It’ll be all tight on the night.

Inks were added with dip pens and brushes.

Kicking up an ink.

Kicking up an ink.

The black and white line work was scanned, and the piece digitally coloured.

Colours going on.

Colours going on nice (WIP).

The Tripods books (The White Mountains, The City Of Gold And Lead, The Pool Of Fire, When The Tripods Came) are available from some of the shops, as are both BBC series on DVD. It’s rollicking young adult sci-fi, and I recommend you all buy the lot, and really enjoy it loads (but prepare to be utterly sapped when reaching the end of the second television series, to find that it’s all left gaping).

There’s a complete soundtrack album by Ken Freeman, which can be bought all over the world wide net. It’s a brilliant 80s synth score, and I hammered it whilst drawing this blog’s pic.

For more information and three legged fun, follow these top links!-

Tripods cartoon logo.

Tripods cartoon logo.

Right, see you all in January 2035 for the fourth installment of this series!


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  1. June 10, 2015 8:42 am

    So sad, they never made season 3/book 3…
    This was such a wrong decision, I think.

    • June 10, 2015 8:42 pm

      Thank you Clarissa, and I agree about season 3. There’s an interesting piece about it in the DVD set of 1+2.My pic of the third book will be up soon!


  1. The Tripods- The Pool Of Fire! | FatRobot Illustration Blog

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