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Storyboards – Nobo Nobo!

July 31, 2013

Here’s a storyboarding job I did for a Nobo Pasta commercial. The client was Mind’s Eye Media (, working with director Justin Dickel. The work was on a typically tight schedule, and the boards needed to be functional rather than good looking.


First few boards…

The floor in the Mind’s Eye offices shook throughout the day, as dancing children auditioned for roles in the commercial. A consumate professional, I maintained a steady pencil and soldiered on.


Soldiering on.

Long after the auditionees departed, I was still sketching away whilst Justin flitted in and out, dealing with things directorial.


Sketching away.

The following day, new sequences were added as the producers saw things taking shape in storyboard form.



The deadline was approaching quickly, so the new boards were drawn directly into the computer with little time to think about design.


Shoes, madam?

With, quite literally, five minutes to go, more boards were required.


All shopped out.

With a mad dash, everything was finished and delivered.

The final video sticks quite closely to the boards, as you can see below.

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